1. Advice

The Customer warrants that Royal PMX has not offered or provided any investment advice to the Customer. The Customer warrants thatRoyal PMX has not provided the Customer with any opinion in regards to the suitability of any of its products or services.

2. Possible System Failure

Online order entry systems are designed to provide efficient and reliable methods for placing orders. However, internet service providers are not 100% reliable. The Customer acknowledges that Royal PMX is not responsible for the failure of any of these systems.

3. Internet Security

We are committed to maintaining the highest security measures to protect Customer information against theft, loss, corruption and to protect against the misuse of this information. We use only the highest industry standard secure server (SSL) for transferring client and credit card information across the internet. All of the customer data we collect is protected against unauthorized access.

4. Intellectual Property, Branding, and Trademarks

All of the intellectual property including trademarks, trade names, copyrights and other rights on this website are and will remain the sole property of Royal PMX. All information and material supplied byRoyal PMX is part of Royal PMX's confidential information. No Customer may reproduce, copy, or disclose said information without prior written consent from Royal PMX.

5. Compliance and Due Diligence

The Customer is solely responsible for conforming with all laws in the jurisdiction from which the Customer accesses the Royal PMX website. The Customer ensures that the purchase or the sale of Precious Metals is in compliance with all laws of the Customer’s jurisdiction and the acceptance of the Order and Cancellation Policy by the Customer and the entrance into a Customer Purchase Transaction or a Customer Sale Transaction is in compliance with all federal, provincial, state or applicable regulation to the Customer.

6. Reservations of Right

Royal PMX reserves the following rights unto its self:

7. Right to Refuse Service to Anyone

Royal PMX reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

8. Right to Correct Erroneous Orders

Royal PMX reserves the right to correct any order for errors or computer-related problems. We will make a good faith effort to notify you of any correction of your order.

9. Right to Cancel Any Pending Sales

Royal PMX reserves the right to cancel any pending sale at any time for any reason. If we exercise this right, we shall cancel your order including delivery of your bullion, and we shall notify you and refund you all monies you may have paid to us on your order, less any costs and fees associated with cancelling your order.

10. Right to Accept or Reject Any Late or Defective Payment After Market Comparison

Royal PMX reserves the right to either, (1) accept any late or defective payment, including liquidation payments, after a market comparison to determine what is most advantageous for us, or (2) reject any such late or other defective payment, including liquidation payments, that don’t comply with the terms of this Agreement.

11. Right to Withhold Shipment for Unpaid Multiple Orders Right of Offset

In the event you place multiple orders with us and pay for one or more orders, but fail to properly pay for other orders, we reserve the right to withhold shipment on any paid orders, until the unpaid orders have been resolved to our satisfaction, including the Right of Offset.

The “Right of Offset”, shall mean our right to apply any customer’s paid order’s proceeds and product against any of that customer’s other unpaid order’s proceeds and product. If the customer shall thereafter have a net balance owed to us, we may thereafter involuntarily liquidate the remaining net balance owed as provided herein. If the customer shall have a net balance remaining for shipment, then we shall ship the remaining portion of the order as provided herein.

12. Right to Charge Credit Card

Royal PMX reserves the right to charge the credit card you have provided for any market losses incurred by Royal PMX as a result of your failure to fulfill any obligation.

13. Right to Hold Monies and Shipment to comply with FINTRAC regulations

We hereby also reserve the right to liquidate, cancel or rescind any transaction in which we are unable to obtain or verify information needed to comply with FINTRAC financial standards, or any other related statutes, rules, regulations, or any other law of every kind and nature.

14. Right to Change Bullion Terms of Sale

Royal PMX reserves the right to change the Regal PMX Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.